Research questions


In order to stimulate dynamic exchanges and the production of concrete outputs, this international conference will be structured around four research questions which will structure the debates, organized in two days. On February, 8, selected experts will discuss each of the four questions in working groups, aimed at the production of concrete ideas to be discussed in the plenary session of February, 9. (cfr. Methodological note).
Instead of providing an extensive scientific background note as backbone of the conference, the approach chosen was to open the debates by introducing possible research questions and sub-questions in an open fashion to foster out-of-the-box ideas and suggestions.

Expected Accomplishments

Working groups held during the closed sessions of the conference will result in concrete suggestions as to the development of guidelines. In doing so, attention should be paid that the products of these discussion are:

  • Relevant : main ambit of proposed action should always be aligned with the central objective of improving the effectiveness of children’s rights (child-centred approach);
  • Specific : target a specific area for improvement and focus on the "who" (institutional components - necessary support basis for implementation), "what" and "how" (process components).
  • Attainable, yet ambitious : suggested measure should be realistic, taking into account different realities and recognizing necessary prerequisites for implementation, yet nurture effective improvement.

Products of the closed working groups will serve as a basis for the discussions during the plenary session during which they will be further developed and adapted according to inputs provided. In doing so, continuous attention will be paid at above-mentioned criteria.
However discussed in separate working groups, the four research questions are intrinsically interlinked and interrelated. Above-mentioned criteria thus apply to suggestions made as to the four of them. Moreover, transversally applicable actions can also be uttered.

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