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The evolution of the work of the NCRC made it possible to move towards a project-oriented approach.

The objectives and projects of the Commission present many synergies and form a coherent whole. For example, the continuation of the work on the national child rights indicators will feed the Belgian periodic report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child as well as other child rights related documents.

The Commission remains, above all, both a place of consultation and exchange of information between all actors dealing with children’s rights. It is exactly this particular position that allows the NCRC to coordinate the drafting of reports, to make relevant choices in terms of monitoring and to bring together experts in the field within the Advisory Body. For example, the Advisory Body will, inter alia, provide an opinion on Belgium’s draft periodic report under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Finally, a strong emphasis will be placed on the improvement of the NCRC’s communication tools through, in particular, this new website. The objective is to disseminate more widely the reports, advisory opinions, and the monitoring resulting from the consultation between the broad diversity of child rights actors, who together are the strength of the NCRC.