The Belgian National Commission on the Rights of the Child (NCRC)

The National Commission on the Rights of the Child is an official human rights body where governmental and non-governmental organisations meet to discuss and find solutions for the remaining problems regarding the realisation of children’s rights in Belgium, since May 2007. It is responsible for the coordination of reports that relate to children and their rights and of action plans on children’s rights. Next to this the Commission has the task of monitoring the follow up of the concluding observations of the CRC Committee to the former state reports. It can also give advices on children’s rights issues to the governments.

The CRC Committee recommended the Belgian State in its concluding observations to the former Belgian state reports, to establish this central mechanism to coordinate the implementation of the Convention in Belgium in order to achieve a comprehensive and coherent child rights policy.

First of all, the Commission was necessary because of the structure of the Belgian State. The CRC Committee expressed its concern several times in the sense that ‘different laws governing different administrative jurisdictions may lead to discrimination in the enjoyment of children’s rights across the State’.
A second reason why this National Commission has been set up is the important role the field actors play when it comes to realising children’s rights. The National Commission therefore also is a forum where all bodies who are active in the field of children’s rights can be present and meet with the government in order to discuss the child rights situation in Belgium and to find solutions.